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Awesome Potato Gun Types

When it comes to building projectile weapons there is nothing quite
like a potato gun not only is it easy to build but it is very accurate
and can travel a reasonable distance.

The type of potato gun that you can build is really only limited by
your imagination and budget. The types of propellants that your potato
gun can use is either compressed air or a combustible fuel source like
propane and aerosol sprays. Avoid using gasoline for your potato gun
not only is it expensive but it is also not stable to work with so
stick with propane or the aerosol sprays. Making sure the tubing is
well constructed is also very important, the cannon has to be airtight
so the fuel can compress the air. If you do not know how to test the
pipe to make sure it is air tight put the pipe in a vat of soapy water
and look for bubbles escaping from the piping. If you see lots of them
then you have a leak in your pipe and need to seal it.

Once you know your potato gun piping is air tight then you can build
the base to hold the cannon in place. The holder should allow you to
raise the barrel, this allows you to change the trajectory of the
potato gun thing of mortar launchers used in World War I&II similar
principle just a different projectile. You can use a wooden base or
metal for your potato gun whichever one it should be sturdy enough to
hold the gun without wobbling.

Do not hold your potato gun like a Bazooka since it is not designed for
that and you do not have enough experience with it to know how it will
behave. When you are ready to assemble your gun it is a good idea to
test the ignition system to make sure it is firing properly. You do not
want to have a misfire during your first shot. Once the potato gun is
put together it is time to take your test shot, aim for some inanimate
object and load the gun with your potato. When you are adding the fuel
to the gun try with a smaller amount and then work your way up testing
different volumes. You want to find the right mix of air and fuel, when
you hit the fire button the potato should come out. If it doesn't and
you do not hear a sound or see a flame then you may have an issue with
your firing system.Disconnect the electrical systems power supply and
then remove the firing system and test it again to make sure it is
working fine. Once it is fixed then you can put it back into your
potato gun and fire away.

Building a Pneumatic Cannon On A Dime

When you are looking for a way to have fun while not breaking the bank.
Building a pneumatic cannon is a great way to learn about science and
have fun along the way.

The types of pneumatic cannon you can build really depends on your
level of expertise and available resources. All pneumatic cannon have a
few components that are the same regardless of the budget involved. The
four common elements of your pneumatic cannon are a filling valve to
allow air in. Then there is the air chamber which holds the air that
will be released. Next is the pressure release valve which will allow
the air to push the projectile out. And finally the barrel which allows
the projectile to spiral out of the pneumatic cannon building critical
speed in the process.

The type of barrel you use for your pneumatic cannon plays a major role
on whether or not it will be effective and accurate. Most budget
conscious builders rely on PVC piping as the material of choice for
their pneumatic cannon. The reason that most people use this material
is its relative inexpensive costs plus ease of sourcing for it. The
inherent strength of PVC makes is very suitable for the rigors that are
common when a person is using a pneumatic cannon.

When you are designing your pneumatic cannon a major consideration is
how you are going to get the compressed air into the chamber for it to
fire. If you have an air compressor you can attach it to the barrel.
Attaching an air compressor does present some challenges since it can
be cumbersome and expensive. What some pneumatic cannon builders do is
use a CO2 cartridge as the air source for their testing needs.

In order for your pneumatic cannon to fire properly the entire unit
must be air tight otherwise the air chamber that contains the
compressed air will not be able to generate enough pressure to drive
the potato out. The way you can test for leaks of the barrel is to
immerse it in wet soapy water and then lift it out of the water. If you
see air bubbles coming out of the barrel then you have a leak and it
must be plugged.

When you do use a pneumatic cannon you must be aware that it has a
tremendous amount of power behind it and you should never ever aim it
at anyone else. The speed in which the projectile comes out can break
glass and dent metal so it is something that is not to be taken
lightly. If you follow the basic safety rules then you will have fun
with the pneumatic cannon for years to come.

The Mini Spud Gun How To Guide

If you are looking at building your own mini spud gun you are in the
right place.With the weather heating up we are all looking for a way to
relax and beat the heat. The costs associated with drafting and
building a mini spud gun is really inexpensive and can be a lot more
fun than the latest video games out there.

The components of a mini spud gun are virtually the same as the bigger
brother version spud gun but the sizes are greatly reduced. One thing
to note is to never underestimate the power of your mini spud gun. Even
though it is tiny in size it can still do a considerable amount of
damage if not respected.

When you are building your first mini spud gun you need to get a barrel
to hold the projectile in place. A good rule of thumb for your mini
spud gun is to have at least a yard or more of length, anything less
than that will create issues when trying to fire. While on the subject
of firing for your mini spud gun you will need to decide if you will be
using compressed air or a combustible fuel such as propane or aerosol
spray. If you are going the combustible fuel route for your mini spud
gun do not use gasoline, not only is it expensive but it can create
issues with misfiring.

In order for your mini spud gun to fire properly with a combustible
fuel you need to have the fuel atomized other wise it won't work. When
fuel is not atomized and in liquid form it will catch on fire but will
not explode with the compression needed to drive the potato out of the
barrel. That is why propane and aerosol spray works so well since it
comes out in an atomized form already.

When you have a fuel source for your mini spud gun you need a way to
ignite it while not burning yourself in the process. The most effective
way of doing this is by having a spark plug inserted in the back of
your mini spud gun. Before you attach it make sure it works properly by
testing the spark plug that is wired to a battery. Once you know the
ignition system works it is one less thing to worry about with your
mini spud gun.

When you take your mini spud gun out for the first time go to a field
and set up some targets to aim for. Bring along a good supply of
potatoes cut to fit your mini spud gun and then you will be able to add
the fuel and test it.

Your First Spud Launcher

When you are building a spud launcher for the first time you may seem
overwhelmed by what items to use for your project. If you follow the
tips outlined in this article you will be on your way to spud launcher

Your spud launcher needs a barrel to shoot out of so you will need to
decide between PVC or ABS plastics as the material of choice for your
barrel. Most people prefer PVC for their first spud launcher due to its
ease of use in finding and the inexpensiveness of it. Whichever
material you choose make sure it is long enough otherwise your spud
launcher will not achieve its full potential.

Once you have your barrel identified now is the time to select the type
of fuel for your spud launcher you can use either propane or aerosol
spray. The reason you want to use these is they are already atomized so
it makes the combustion process easier. If you used gasoline you would
need a device to atomize the fuel otherwise it would just burn inside
your spud launcher and not create the controlled explosion needed to
drive the potato out of your barrel.Another issue with different fuel
sources is their costs. Aerosol spray can be found in pretty much any
household so it makes it the choice fuel for the budding spud launcher

Now that you have a fuel source for your spud launcher you are going to
need a way to light it up. This is where an ignition system comes into
play for your spud launcher project. You need to introduce a spark to
the fuel mix when you want to fire the gun. What many first time
builders do is take a spark plug from a lawn mower or something similar
and connect a wire to deliver energy to the spark plug. Then connect it
to a batter with a switch so you can fire the spark plug with a flip of
a switch. Before connecting the ignition system to your spud launcher
you should test it first. Nothing is more frustrating than
troubleshooting your gun in the field so doing this proactive work now
will make your life easier.

If you are able to see the spark on the ignition system test then you
can mount it to the spud launcher. Now that the moment of truth is
arriving you will need to select the finest potato for the job. Making
sure to use a firm potato will give you the greatest range when firing
your spud launcher . Don't jam the potato too tightly inside the gun or
it will not fire properly if at all and may back fire. The potato
should slide in easily. Now you are ready to fire your spud
launcher,have fun with it and do not be afraid to experiment with
different fuel to air ratios and positioning of the barrel.

Potato Gun Design 101

You have heard about people using a potato gun and want to build your
own. You are in the right place to learn all the steps to constructing
your own potato gun. First thing you will need to decide is are you
going to be using compressed air or another source of fuel for your
potato gun. In order for the system to work it needs a catalyst to make
the air compress and drive the projective (potato) out of the cannon at
a high enough velocity to overcome gravity.

This may sound really technical but it is really easy to build a potato
gun the hard part is making sure that everything is air tight. If your
cannon is not airtight no amount of fuel is going to make it work
properly so if you are on a budget you can use PVC piping for your
needs. Make sure it is at least a few feet long if it is not your
potato gun will not be long enough for the potato to gain enough speed
to launch. Think of it like a shotgun, if the barrel is not long enough
the bullet won't travel properly or accurately.

Once you have your potato gun piping set up you will need to design
your ignition system, if you are using compressed air it can be as
simple as valve that is connected to a hose which you can activate. If
you are using a combustible fuel such as propane or aerosol spray which
works best then your potato gun must have an ignition system that
generates a spark. It is not recommended to use steel wool and a
battery, best to find a small spark plug and a batter with enough
voltage to create the spark. Do not try to light the potato gun with a
lighter even though it seems like the easiest way you want to give
yourself a safe distance between yourself and the potato gun when
firing the first time.

You want your potato gun to have a good quality potato in it so you get
the best distance and control of your shot. Idaho potatoes are the best
to use since they are firm and solid. When you put your potato into
your potato gun it should be snug but not so tight it cannot budge. The
reason for this is you want it to be snug enough for the pressure to
drive the potato out of the gun. But not so tight that you have a back
draft of pressure and the flame comes out the back of the gun.The best
way to determine this is by trial and error with your potato gun the
more you use it the better able you will be able to tweak it to get
more distance and better accuracy from it.

Building A Pneumatic Cannon

You may have heard of a potato gun before but there is also another
option called the pneumatic cannon which is another term for a potato
gun but it has some different qualities than the run of the mill potato

The primary difference between a pneumatic cannon and a potato gun is
the type of propellant that is used. With a potato gun petroleum based
fuels are used where a pneumatic cannon uses compressed air to move the
projectile from the mouth of the cannon. The pneumatic cannon is a bit
more complicated that the average gun because of the need to keep
everything airtight. The pneumatic cannon success is predicated on the
ability to maintain a constant air pressure level.

Your pneumatic cannon will also need both a pressure release and
filling valve for the compressed air to shot out of your pneumatic
cannon with enough velocity to not only overcome gravity but hit the
target. One of the most popular positions to hold a pneumatic cannon
when firing it is like a Bazooka, on your shoulder so the source of the
compressed air either from a CO2 cartridge or an portable air

Before you can load your pneumatic cannon for firing you need to make
sure the system is totally air tight. Cover the cannon with warm soapy
water and then lift it out and look for any leaks, If you see bubbles
coming out then you have a leak and need to seal it.

Now that the pneumatic cannon has passed the first challenge of having
an airtight chamber the next step is performing a test shot. Most
pneumatic cannon enthusiast use a potato as their projectile of choice.
The firmness of it and low cost presents many opportunities to fine
tune your the distance and accuracy of your pneumatic cannon.

When in the field make sure to never point your pneumatic cannon
towards anyone regardless if it is loaded or not. There have been
reports of some pneumatic cannon reaching muzzle velocity of such great
speed to cover 1,000 feet. So you can imagine the damage a person would
feel with a projectile that has been shot over 1,000 feet.

Your first pneumatic cannon may reach or even exceed 1,000 feet of
distance however the only way to achieve it is with tweaking it. When
you change the amount of air being forced into the chamber and the
positioning of the barrel even slightly it can have a significant
difference on the results being generated.

Like all hobbies the building and use of a pneumatic cannon will give
you hours of enjoyment. Since the options of creating the pneumatic
cannon is only limited by your imagination and budget the results you
get will be quite astonishing.

Your First Mini Spud Gun

You have built potato guns in the past but want to downsize the budget
while still being able to have fun. Building a mini spud gun will give
you a large amount of fun at a fraction of the price.

The mini spud gun is much like your standard size but with the added
benefit of easily being transported. Your mini spud gun may have either
a compressed air propellant from a CO2 cartridge which is awesome. Your
mini spud gun can also use either propane or aerosol spray. You will
need a strap to hold your mini spud gun on your shoulder not just for
convenience but to help you find the sweet spot when you are aiming.

Before going out in public with your mini spud gun check with your
local authorities to make sure it is allowable. Some cities have laws
prohibiting any type of projectile firing weapons like the mini spud
gun especially if it is armed with a CO2 cartridge which is the same
thing use in paint guns.

If you do not have a mini spud gun yet you can build one very easily.
The first thing you are going to need is a section of PVC piping that
is a minimum of 3 feet long. The challenge with using a short piece of
piping is it will not give the mini spud gun projectile enough distance
to acquire the speed and accuracy necessary. You will need to make one
of end of the cannon closed with a small opening for you to put your
propellant in. Most mini spud gun like to use propane and aerosol spray
since it gives them a greater range of options to test the limits of
their mini spud gun.

Once you have the barrel of your mini spud gun established you will
need to attach a strap to make carrying it easier. Since you will be
using a flammable fuel there will be a need to ignite it somehow. You
do not want to use a lighter for your mini spud gun it presents to many
risks for injury so making an ignition system with a spark plug is your
best option. You will need a length of wiring and a battery to power
the spark plug. Before you attach the ignition system to your mini spud
gun test it first to make sure it does work.

Now that the ignition system is on your mini spud gun you can go out
and take it for a "test drive". Make sure you go outside and do not aim
the mini spud gun at anyone. After the first shot you can add or reduce
the fuel mixture to get the optimum results.
discover how to make your own potato gun-

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